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Surreal Photos Powerfully Express Isolation and Vulnerability

The surreal images of Russian photographer Ilya Kisaradov (aka ezorenier) have a level of vulnerability to them that draws the viewer's attention and allows one to empathize with each character within the frame. The photographer's subjects often exhibit a sense of confinement and isolation in nature that is heightened through props like a birdcage or even one's own hair wrapped tightly over the subject's mouth.

Throughout Kisaradov's portfolio, there are also hints of deep emotions behind stoic or hidden faces. Each of the characters in the photographer's collection are silenced in one way or another, yearning to break free and express themselves. Whether a young woman is alone, seemingly drowning in a bathtub full of foliage or a group of individuals are poking their heads out from the ground, only to be encased in a birdcage, there is an undeniable sense of inexplicable imprisonment.

Ilya Kisaradov on deviantART
via [The Night Vale]

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