Great-Grandmother Reignites Passion for Photography by Documenting the Antics of Brown Bears

Bear Cubs by Jenny Hibbert

Photographer Jenny Hibbert fell in love with the camera when she was a child. But life got in the way and she didn't pick it back up again until much later in life when it provided a creative outlet during a messy divorce. Now 70 years old, the great-grandmother is gaining recognition for her wildlife photography and, in particular, her delightful images of brown bears.

Hibbert frequently travels to Finland, where she braves the cold to photograph her beloved bears in different seasons. To get the shots she's after, she comes prepared to face low temperatures and to wait in a hide for up to 16 hours. It can be difficult work, but it's well worth it when a bear makes an appearance.

“When it does all come together, it can be the most magical moment ever and you forget all the cold and discomforts,” she tells My Modern Met.

While bears are a recurring theme in her photography, Hibbert enjoys all the wildlife that Finland has to offer. By visiting in different seasons, she has been able to document the vast array of animals that call the country home. Her work is inspiring, particularly when one realizes that she only purchased her first digital camera when she was 62 years old. Now, she's amassed quite a collection.

“I have a few—a Canon 1D MarkIV, as well as a 5D MarkIII, and a 7D MarkII,” she shares. As for her lenses, Hibbert uses a Canon 300mm f/2.8, a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8, and a Sigma 150-600 mm. When she needs a shorter focal length, she uses a 24-70mm.

Through her work, she hopes that people are inspired to pick themselves up during difficult times and remember that better days are ahead. And that sometimes we just need to get out and do something for ourselves rather than sitting at home. “It certainly worked for me,” she says.

For now, she's looking forward to new adventures in photography that she'll surely be sharing with the world on her Instagram.

Jenny Hibbert is known for her incredible photographs of brown bears in Finland.

Bear Cubs by Jenny Hibbert

Wildlife Photography by Jenny Hibbert

Hibbert loved photography as a child, but it wasn't until later in life, when she was facing a difficult divorce, that she picked the camera back up.

Brown Bear Guarding Kill by Jenny Hibbert

Brown Bear by Jenny Hibbert

Now Hibbert, who is a great-grandmother, is inspiring others with her wildlife photography.

Polar Bear in Snowy Environment by Jenny Hibbert

She hopes that others will realize that doing something for yourself during difficult times can help turn things around.

Hawk Owl by Jenny Hibbert

“It certainly worked for me.”

Arctic Fox by Jenny Hibbert

Jenny Hibbert: Instagram | Facebook

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Jenny Hibbert.

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