Horse Spends 15 Years Taking Daily Walks Along Same Route Her Late Human Used to Ride Her On

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There are certain animals we’ve grown accustomed to seeing as they roam alongside us through the city streets: birds, stray dogs and cats, squirrels, and…horses? On the avenues of the Fechenheim district in Frankfurt, Germany, there’s a gorgeous white Arabian horse that spends its mornings leisurely walking about town. The mare wears a handmade tag around her neck that reads something along the lines of, “My name is Jenny. I didn’t run away, I’m just walking. Thank you.”

The gentle walking horse has been taking these morning strolls for more than 15 years. But before Jenny had to start traveling solo, she was actually part of a “caravan.” Her owner, Werner Weischedel, and his wife would go on rides with Jenny and a second mare named Charlie. Their white German shepherd named Evita would often follow along, too. But eventually, Jenny’s 82-year-old owner was no longer able to ride her. And since Charlie died a few years ago, it has been down to Jenny and Evita, who still occasionally joins the Arabian horse on her walks through town.

Initially, Weischedel or his wife would accompany Jenny on her walks as well. But after a few weeks, they realized the mare would be just fine on her own. Now, when her elderly owner opens the gate, the horse walks the same paths that they used to take on their rides together. She strolls the memorized route about eight times every day, walking between nine and 12 miles each morning before returning home to have lunch.

While some might think this is slightly bizarre—and maybe even a bit dangerous—the independent horse is quite familiar with her hometown and is almost like any other pedestrian walking in the area. Her owner also works with the police to make sure that Jenny and the other citizens are safe. And in all the years she’s been walking, there hasn’t been a single incident. According to a local vet who gives Jenny routine checkups, the horse remains in good health and doesn’t appear to show any signs of distress or anxiety due to her “unique lifestyle.”

What’s more, Jenny the horse has become a bit of a celebrity among the locals. They all look forward to seeing the mare, with some stopping to greet and pet her, give her treats, and even clean up after her. Over the years, Jenny has become famous even outside of her small community in Frankfurt. And the story of the wandering Arabian horse has now brought smiles to people around the world.

Jenny the horse takes daily walks all on her own through the streets of Frankfurt, Germany.

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The walking horse wears a tag around her neck to let people know that she's not lost.

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Watch this video to learn more about Jenny's heartwarming story.

h/t: [Reddit]

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