Man Hilariously Photoshops Himself into Kendall Jenner’s Photos as Her "Fraternal Twin"

The Kardashian/Jenner family is a big clan filled with beautiful women, but have you ever heard of Kirby Jenner? Having been left out of the spotlight all his life, Kirby's finally getting a chance to shine just like his “fraternal twin” Kendall Jenner. Of course, the mustachioed funnyman isn't actually a Jenner. While “Kirby” is merely an alias, he does a terrific job of photoshopping himself into Kendall's popular Instagram and editorial photos to make us all believe he's living the life of a glamorous model–which isn't always as realistic as it seems.

“I guess the idea came from my friend Karen who was like ‘add me on Insta' and I was like ‘huh?' and she said ‘Insta' and I said ‘what?' and she was like ‘Instagram' and I said ‘What's Instagram?' and she said ‘it's like Twitter but for photos,'” he explains to The Creators Project. “So I just sat down RIGHT THERE on the ground at Cinnabon and made an account. Pretty glad I did too because Karen takes some DOPE pics of the sunset.”

Since his hilarious account was first created, Kirby's managed to place himself in many of Kendall's photoshoots, billboards, and even at her 17th birthday party. But, does he actually know the model? “Who? JK, pretending not to know people is my FAVORITE joke. Put that in the article. Everyone will freaking love it!” Kirby quips. “Kendall and I are pretty tight. We're both super busy with our careers but still find time to hang out with each other. Our fav thing is making ice cream soup together haha. We take ice cream and melt it in the microwave. Ken-doll has the FANCIEST microwave so it's really fun. So glad she's my sister. We also love meowing at each other. Like cats! Our house is crazy haha.”

Clearly, Kirby keeps the act up, even in interviews. To see what Kendall and her “brother” are up to, you can follow Kirby on Instagram.

Kirby Jenner: Instagram | Twitter
via [DesignTAXI, The Creators Project]

All photos via Kirby Jenner.

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