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Kodak Developed a New Smartphone Designed Specifically for Photographers


Most smartphones put text, email, and social media above all else, but the Kodak Ektra has a different priority—it’s built with photographers in mind. Designed for both enthusiasts and experts, the phone fuses Kodak’s rich 128-year legacy in photography with stunning technological innovation.

The Ektra promises high quality images by boasting a 21-megapixel fast focus camera sensor as well as a 13-megapixel front-facing camera with phase detection auto-focus. Using a custom-built camera app, it also features a SLR-style scene selection dial that optimizes the camera for a variety of settings; including: landscape, portrait, macro, sport, night-time, panorama, and bokeh. If users can't decided on one of those categories, there’s a “smart auto mode” that will select the best condition for the photograph.

There are many features that professional photographers will love to see on a smartphone. Luckily, Ektra has a manual mode where ISO, focus, exposure, shutter speed, and more can be adjusted. Better yet, the changes can be previewed on the screen before the image is even shot.

Editing photos is another prioritized feature on the Ektra. The mobile device includes editing software from Snapseed and has tools to manipulate images in the same capacity as desktop computers. And once a picture is ready to be shared with the world, integrated social media and a print app are available to make sure the work can shine on or offline.

The Kodak Ektra will be launching soon in Europe.

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