Koi-Inspired Ceramics Playfully Capture the Movements of the Colorful Fish

Fish Ceramics by Anima Roos

Ceramics don’t always have to be pieces of practical pottery. Artistically designed tableware, for instance, can be both functional and thought-provoking. Belgium-based ceramic artist Anima Roos creates koi fish-inspired bowls that invite dinner party guests to ponder nature, culture, and memories.

In China, the koi fish is a symbol of happiness. Roos incorporates the bright orange motif in her ceramics to evoke a sense of playfulness. Painted on both the inside and the outside of the bowls, the fish almost appear to move around the object, depending on the viewer's perspective. Roos says, “Sometimes you see it, sometimes you don't.”

Each piece is made from porcelain, which is a famously difficult material to work with on the pottery wheel. “The throwing must be very clear and done without hesitation,” Roos explains. “Corrections are not possible because porcelain has a ‘memory.’ When you have disposed of an error, it will return after burning.” After throwing, Roos creates relief patterns using a special type of raised varnish. Then, once her bowls are fired and dried, she uses a screen printing technique to add her fish designs.

By merging traditional techniques, materials, and forms with vibrant motifs, Roos creates a beautiful contrast. “I am searching for balance,” the artist tells My Modern Met. “The spectator adds a concrete story to it.”

Check out Roos’s koi fish-inspired ceramics below and find more from her portfolio on her website.

Belgium-based ceramic artist Anima Roos creates elegant, koi fish-inspired bowls.

Fish Ceramics by Anima RoosFish Ceramics by Anima Roos

Painted on both the inside and the outside of the ceramics, the fish appear to swim around porcelain bowls.

Fish Ceramics by Anima RoosFish Ceramics by Anima RoosFish Ceramics by Anima RoosFish Ceramics by Anima RoosFish Ceramics by Anima RoosAnima Roos: Website

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Anima Roos.

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Emma Taggart

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