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New Mirrored Infinity Room Immerses Viewers in Mesmerizing World of Endless Reflections

With a prolific career dating back to the mid-20th century, New York-based artist Lucas Samaras has gained renown for his work in painting, sculpture, photography, and performance art. Born in Greece in 1936, Samaras has been the subject of seven major career retrospectives and more than one-hundred solo exhibitions around the world, solidifying his important role in the NYC and international art scene.

Some of his most mesmerizing works include Room No. 2, Mirrored Cell, and PARAXENA–wooden chambers covered top to bottom with mirrors that transform the spaces into dazzling, dizzying infinity rooms. Utterly captivating, each room invites viewers to step into a world of endless reflections and refractions. Stretching limitlessly in all directions, the mirrored space gives the viewer the surreal experience of floating weightlessly in an abyss devoid of any sense of time or place.

The artist's most famous infinity room installation, Room No. 2 (a.k.a. Mirrored Room) can currently be seen in NYC at the Pace Gallery, where it's on display as part of Samaras's solo exhibition Album 2 through August 14.

Above photo source: Pace Gallery

Photo source: Geek Art Gallery

Photo source: Bradley Headstone

Photo source: Paul L.

Photo source: Verbunkos

Photo source: Encyclopedia Brittanica

Photo source: Stephen Friedman Gallery

Photo source: Tom Loonan / Pace Gallery

Lucas Samaras: Stephen Friedman Gallery | Pace Gallery
via [panchakshara]

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