Incredible Luxury Yacht Designed in the Shape of a Giant Swan

Luxury Yacht Concept

Yachting in and of itself is always luxurious, but Pierpaolo Lazzarini of Lazzarini Design Studio has taken things to a new level with his new concept yacht. Call Avanguardia, this 450-foot-long yacht has an innovative design that recalls a swan.  From helipads to a side garage for storing vehicles, the innovative design is packed with features that would make any boating aficionado swoon.

The heart of the design is the “swan head” that functions as a control tower and can adjust the position of the yacht by lowering itself into the boat's body. It can also fold down into the water, forming a bridge that gives access to the head. The head actually then detaches and doubles as a 52-foot tender.

The Avanguardia has been conceived as completely electric, with engines that can power it up to a cruising speed of 18 knots. Designed to cater to the needs of its passengers, the yacht features a pool on its upper deck, two heliports, as well as a rear deck with a port that has space for two Lazzarini-designed jet capsules.

Spread across five decks, the luxurious yacht has a 60-passenger capacity. Though the Avanguardia is currently only a concept exercise, Lazzarini Design Studio has stated that it could be made a reality with the right investor. Of course, it will take some pretty deep pockets for that to happen—the construction cost is estimated at $500 million.

Avanguardia is a luxury concept yacht by Lazzarini Design Studio that looks like a swan.

Luxury Yacht Concept Electric Powered Yacht Concept Luxury Yacht Concept

The electric-powered yacht is filled with amenities like a pool and two heliports.

Avanguardia Yacht by Lazzarini Design Studio Luxury Yacht Concept Luxury Yacht Concept

The central swan head can be lowered into the water and detach, becoming a tender.

Avanguardia Yacht by Lazzarini Design Studio Avanguardia Yacht by Lazzarini Design Studio Avanguardia Yacht by Lazzarini Design Studio Avanguardia Yacht by Lazzarini Design Studio

Though it's just a concept for now, if an investor has deep enough pockets, it could become a reality.

Luxury Yacht Concept

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All images via Lazzarini Design Studio.

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