Homeless People Feed Their Community and Learn Sustainable Gardening at This Amazing Shelter


We know that green technology and eco-friendly initiatives are important, but we often don't realize that certain individuals, such as the homeless, cannot participate in these causes. Even though they may want to grow fresh, organic produce, the money just isn't there. To help change their unfortunate circumstances, Metro Atlanta Task Force has been giving residents the opportunity to learn about ecological agriculture. “It is important to share and train residents in green technology that we are involved in because poor and homeless people are being left out of the green development that we see burgeoning in our community,” the homeless shelter's executive director, Anita Beaty, explained to Atlanta Progressive News.

In addition to a 24-hour assistance hotline, transitional housing program, and service center, the progressive homeless shelter started this efficient rooftop garden in 2009. Since its conception, the garden has allowed homeless people to feed their community as they learn about sustainable gardening practices. This spring, the group completed their first harvest, which produced an impressive 55 pounds of greens. Thanks to this produce, locals are able to incorporate healthy, nutritional foods into their diet. The program also helps participants prepare for future careers in farming and marketing through job skill training. In the end, Metro Atlanta Task Force has created a meaningful system that can serve as an example to homeless shelters everywhere.

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Metro Atlanta Task Force: Website | Facebook | Donate
via [The Huffington Post, Uplifting NewsAtlanta Progressive News]

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