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Mind-Shattering Miniature Models (10 pics)


Artist David DiMichele asks you to fully immerse yourself in his mind-shattering miniature scenes. For over ten years he's been creating these fantastic 3D installations in his studio, using everything from glass and ice to tree bark and coil. It was only until he made the conscious decision to start photographing these installations that he realized he could create a whole new, compelling body of work. Called Pseudo Documentation, they're an exciting example of what happens when installation art is combined with photography.

In order to create this series, DiMichele first sought out high quality miniature models and then placed them in for scale. He then used a 4×5 view camera and, without any formal training in photography, took pictures of his detailed installations, paying careful attention to lighting, focus and composition. Next, he scanned these photos into his computer and then used Photoshop for only light retouching and for refining his shots.

Here's what James Lee Tullis of Platinum Magazine said of DiMichele's Pseudo Documentation series: “The fantastical, dream-like effect of a figure isolated in a cavernous hall, surrounded or even overwhelmed by art, is also somehow an unsettling one. Partly this is due to the heightened reality of DiMichele's dioramas, where he is able to precisely manipulate light and perspective, but it is also something more.There is love here- love of art, love of drama, love of architecture- but a certain coldness too. Just as the art is so much bigger, elevated, the human figure is inversely smaller, more vulnerable and subservient to the human vision embodied in art.”



Salt and Asphalt


Bark Painting


Cubist Space



David DiMichele, the artist

David DiMichele's website
via [Kopeikin Gallery]

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