Artist Creates Miniature Worlds Floating Inside Glass Test Tubes

Dutch artist Rosa de Jong constructs worlds inside slender glass test tubes—each complete with micro-sized buildings, teeny tiny trees, and other structures inhabitable by nothing larger than an ant. Comparable to a ship in a bottle, the little houses are made of cardboard while the test tube's environment is made of objects de Jong finds outdoors—sticks brought in by her cat, sand from the Monument Valley, and rocks from the campsites of the Caribbean island of Curacao. At a glance, de Jong's utilization of suspension plays with gravity, so objects appear to float in air effortlessly, growing both upward and downward simultaneously. Her series, titled Micro Matter, considers how small the land we call home really is in comparison to the entire world.

Each test tube takes less than a day to complete. In an interview with CityLab, de Jong confesses that she really just wings it. “Nothing is planned. I just look at it while working on it, put it in a tube, see how it looks, maybe change something.” Each piece, she adds, inspires the next. Until she gets bored of this project and must explore in a new direction, de Jong says in her artist's statement, “I still feel like there are many worlds to create.”

De Jong is currently in the process of setting up a web shop. At the moment, you can sign up to get an update about when the shop is officially up.

Rosa de Jong: Website | Instagram | Behance | Dribbble
via [Colossal]

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