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Impeccably-Dressed Bunny Models the Tiny Dapper Outfits Made by His Human

PuiPui is one bunny whose style is always on point. With help from his human Mumitan, the Tokyo-based Holland Lop dons dapper outfits and impressive costumes that include driving caps, capes, kimonos, and crowns. Often, his looks are inspired by literary characters or famous figures, such as the iconic Sherlock Holmes or an English Beefeater–all of whom PuiPui imitates with an adorable sense of poise.

Mumitan is the mastermind behind all of PuiPui’s greatest outfits. Her attention to detail is impeccable, and the tiny buttons, bows, and three-piece suits are all sewn with incredible care. PuiPui repays her with his serious attempts at modeling and, together, the photos are undeniably endearing. See more of the duo’s handiwork on Instagram, where PuiPui is taking the world by storm.

PuiPui: Instagram
via [Laughing Squid, RocketNews24]

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