39 Amazing National Costumes From the Mister Global 2022 Male Beauty Pageant

Mister Global 2022 National Costumes

Thirty-nine men from around the globe competed in the eighth edition of the Mister Global beauty competition. Held in Thailand on February 11, the contestants competed in different categories like interviews and formal wear. But perhaps the most highly anticipated category is when everyone dons their national costumes. Intended to represent each contestant's national identity, there is a lot tied up in each outfit.

As always, this year's national costumes were impressive. All of the contestants modeled for a photoshoot to show off their outfits and were judged after a runway presentation. This year's Best National Costume prize went to Mark Avendaño of the Philippines. His glammed-up take on the jeepneys that provide much of the country's public transportation won the judges over.

Some costumes were definitely made to dazzle while a few took a laid-back approach. Mister Global 2022 winner Juan Carlos Ariosa of Cuba didn't hold back with his national costume. It included an elaborate headpiece and a full set of wings. On the other side of the spectrum, Mister Poland looked like a character from The Matrix in a sleek long black coat.

While these photos by David Ryo certainly show off the costumes, it's also worth checking out the video of the National Costume portion of the pageant. Seeing each man present their look adds a new dimension to the costumes.

Scroll down to see all 39 looks from Mister Global 2022. And don't worry, you won't have to wait long for even more looks to arrive. The 2023 edition of the contest will be held in Thailand this November before future editions rotate to different host countries.

39 men competed in the 2022 Mister Global male beauty pageant.

Mister Global 2022 Winner

Mister Cuba, Juan Carlos Ariosa, won the contest and the title of Mister Global.

Mister Global 2022 Winner Cuba

One of the most highly anticipated parts of the events is when the contestants show off their national costumes.

Mister Philippines won a special prize for the Best National Costume.

Mister Global 2022 Philippines National Costumes


See the rest of the Mister Global contestants and judge for yourself who was your favorite.

Mister Global 2022 Cuba National Costumes



Mister Global 2022 Canada National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Colombia National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Japan National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Mexico National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Peru National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Nigeria National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Poland National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 South Korea National Costumes

South Korea

Mister Global 2022 Dominican Republic National Costumes

Dominican Republic

Each costume represents the contestants' national identity.

Mister Global 2022 Democratic Republic of the Congo National Costumes

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Mister Global 2022 India National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Hong Kong National Costumes

Hong Kong

Mister Global 2022 Haiti National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Brazil National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Belgium National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Albania National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Czech Republic National Costumes

Czech Republic

Mister Global 2022 France National Costumes


Each contestant puts a lot of work into these elaborate outfits.

Mister Global 2022 Chile National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Cambodia National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Indonesia National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Myanmar National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Nepal National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Netherlands National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Macau National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Laos National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Singapore National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Puerto Rico National Costumes

Puerto Rico

National Costume is one of several categories the men compete in to win the title of Mister Global.

Mister Global 2022 South Africa National Costumes

South Africa

Mister Global 2022 Spain National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Panama National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 North Cyprus National Costumes

North Cyprus

The next edition, Mister Global 2023, will be held in Thailand in November.

Mister Global 2022 USA National Costumes

United States of America

Mister Global 2022 Thailand National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Sri Lanka National Costumes

Sri Lanka

Mister Global 2022 Switzerland National Costumes


Mister Global 2022 Vietnam National Costumes


Mister Global: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Mister Global.

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