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Photos Capture the Uncontrollable Motion of Dancing

New York-based photographer Nir Arieli captures the entrancing movements of dancers for his series titled Tension. By layering several images of each dancer-models atop one another, Arieli produces a frenzy of motion that is both an intimate and expressive performance. Though the photographer himself admits that he is not a professional dancer, nor a rhythmically gifted individual on the dance floor, he feels as though he is engaged in a dance with his subjects through his images.

As a self-proclaimed visual choreographer, Arieli says, “I don’t predetermine the result – insisting on well-planned perfectness – but rather establish a strong understanding, let the dancer improvise and capture his movements. Afterwards, I experiment with layering various photos on top of each other, searching for intriguing combinations. Unlike everything I had done in the past, which was always carefully sculpted, this time I put my trust in the coincidental.”

Nir Arieli website
Nir Arieli on Behance
via [Dark Silence in Suburbia]

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