Colorful Modern Hotel Design Inspired by Pantone Swatches

Pantone Hotel is a colorful home away from home where visitors can immerse themselves in a sea of colors. Located in Brussels, Belgium, the hotel design invites anyone who enters to enjoy a plethora of colors throughout the lobby, rooms, and even the rooftop terrace. Interior designer Michel Penneman and architect Olivier Hannaert explain, “Our ‘hotel of colors' will awaken your senses to an array of delights and playful surprises.

“The fresh, distinctively white environment provides a clean, modern canvas for the Pantone swatches and Pantone-themed artwork that hang on the walls as decor, as well as the bold, solid hues that brightly pop in the form of stripes of paint, blankets, rugs, and select pieces of furniture. Seven color palettes fill the 59 rooms and everything from coffee mugs to bicycles are offered to guests in all kinds of bright colors. Whether you want to spend your time quizzing yourself on Pantone swatch numbers or you just want to getaway, this hotel offers a contemporary, bright aesthetic for everyone to enjoy.

Pantone Hotel website
via [This Isn't Happiness]

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