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Tattooing Machine Allows Individuals to Draw Simple-Yet-Meaningful Tattoos on Themselves

Do you want a tattoo but don't trust someone to ink it on your skin? Jakub Pollg created a tool for a body art purist: the Personal Tattoo Machine. This alternative device allows enthusiasts to create small designs on their body that are imbued with meaning and less concerned about aesthetics or the "perfect" tattoo.

At their core, tattoos are about commemorating an event or period of time onto your skin. They are always with you and become a part of your identity. The Personal Tattoo Machine simplifies the process behind this idea, building all of the necessary parts into one sleek and modern-looking gadget. It runs on a nine-volt battery and has a small direct-current (DC) motor inside that creates an up-and-down pulse for the needle. In addition, the kit includes sterile needles, tubes, rubber gloves, and antiseptic lotion to ensure you'll have a safe tattooing experience.

Pollg's machine was created with a novice tattooer in mind. He purposefully omitted the different thickness options (found on professional machines), and set the speed to be slower so you can focus on producing a simple drawing.

With the Personal Tattoo Machine, Pollg is not looking to replace a professional shop. “It's there to offer a more personal option," he told Dezeen. "If you want a realistic portrait of your, let's say, cat, you should still go to a tattoo parlor and not use this machine.”

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