Designer Creates Unique Photoshop Toolbar Keyboards for Easy Clickable Shortcuts

Photoshop Toolbar Keyboard

Full Size Photoshop Toolbar Keyboard
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A Ukraine-based Etsy designer by the name of Konstantin (aka 3dDecors) delivers Photoshop’s iconic toolbar directly from the software into your hands in the form of brilliantly compact keyboards. These keyboards—which range between the “toolbar,” “number pad,” and “mini” editions—are all offered in black, white, or aluminum finishes. Not only do their unique layouts make for an aesthetic desk display, they also help users have a more tactile experience with their Photoshop projects.

The functions these keypads correspond to allow buyers to quickly open files, save files, resize brushes, and adjust brightness/hue/color balance to name just a few. While some may prefer to keep their virtual toolbars, and others are addicted to the speed of their command shortcuts, these modern keyboards can add another layer to anyone’s Photoshop experience.

The keyboard’s prices vary depending on which version of the hardware you purchase. The full size keyboard costs $160, the number pad costs $150, and the mini keyboard costs $144. You can find these keypads, and other custom-designed technology (including a simple knobbed keyboard controller for Photoshop) at 3dDecors’ Etsy shop.

Check out these unique Photoshop Toolbar Keyboards you can buy at 3dDecors' Etsy Store.

Photoshop Toolbar Keyboard

Diagram of the Full Size Keyboard's individual functions.

3dDecors breaks down the keyboard's specific functions on each of their product listings.

Mini Photoshop Toolbar Keypad

Mini Keypad

Mini Photoshop Toolbar Keypad

Diagram of the Mini Keypad's individual functions.

Photoshop Toolbar Keypad

Numberic Keypad Keyboard

Photoshop Toolbar Keypad

Diagram of the Numeric Keypad Keyboard's functions.

3dDecor: Etsy
h/t: [PetaPixel]

All images via 3dDecors.

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