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Pic of the Day: Under the Spell of Polaris

Today’s Pic of the Day was taken in Madeira, Portugal and comes to us from Nuno Serro. If Nuno’s name sounds familiar, he was the first place winner under our Nature category for the just recently wrapped Art of Photography contest.

Called Under the Spell of Polaris, this is a photo that truly captures the magic of the night.

“The Moon was mainly responsible for the colors, lighting the front of the wind mills, and why there are so few stars captured,” he says. “The first windmill wasn’t always rotating, and when it did, it was very slow, that’s why it looks so funky. 118 photos were taken for this.”

If you’re interested in learning about how to photograph star trails, there are some pretty thorough tutorials here and here.

Nuno Serro on Flickr

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