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Extensive Pile of Noodles Produces an Emotional Reaction

In 2010, French sculptor, painter, and photographer Theo Mercier created this very emotional piece, entitled Le Solitaire. Seated on a chair, the sculpture is basically a big pile of noodles slumped over in the shape of a person. The large eyes staring out at nothing create a sense of terrible sadness. With very little detail, Mercier evokes in his viewers a sense of empathy and a desire to reach out and help this lonely being.

In reality, the surreal figure is nothing more than a pile of silicone coated cords. Using two large, blue eyes and an intentional body gesture, Mercier has created a sense of vulnerability, saying that this sculpture is “The one who is showed, who is watched, he is unique and alone because he is a monster. It tells a lot about the idea of exposure.”

Placed in the center of the room, Le Solitaire features neutral colors and a nondescript, blob shape. It’s incredible how the artist personified this imaginary creature out of such a simple, everyday material. The emotional reaction to the piece is inevitable and viewers will find that, regardless of appearances, even a sad little spaghetti blob needs to be loved.

Theo Mercier’s website
via [itty bitty buffaloes]

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