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Adorably Tiny Animals Fashioned into Ceramic Succulent Planters

So Paulo-based artist Priscilla Ramos has crafted some of the cutest creatures in her line of ceramic planters. Her shop, called Cumbuca Chic, features adorable animals like capybaras, anteaters, and foxes, formed into functional objects. They’re small enough to hold in your hand, making them perfect for planting succulents or cacti. Vegetation can playfully be displayed, sprouting out of the backs or tops of the figures’ heads. The anteater planter also doubles as a watering can. Its long nose is fashioned into a spout.

Ramos produces all of her delightful creations by hand. She applies glossy glaze to part of the animal while also allowing the matte-finish stoneware clay to shine. It gives her neutral-colored pieces a natural and rustic look, which makes the colorful green succulents stand out.

A selection of Ramos’s work is currently available to purchase through the Cumbuca Chic website and her Etsy shop. She recently shared a new piece that’s in development–a sloth! It’s almost complete, and the creature looks just as adorable as her other ceramics.

Cumbuca Chic: Website | Etsy | Facebook
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