Out-of-This-World Winners of the ASTRO2021 Photo Contest

Lambda Centauri Vorte

Lambda Centauri Vorte (IC 2944) by Andy Campbell (Australia). Astronomy Photographer of 2021

Astrophotographers from 30 nations entered their best work into the inaugural photo competition from the Save a Star non-profit. ASTRO2021 is an extension of the group's mission to save the night sky from light pollution. The collection of winning photos certainly makes a great case for keeping our night skies clear and visible.

Australian photographer Andy Campbell was awarded the title of Astronomy Photographer of 2021. Campbell is well-known in the astrophotography community and his portfolio of images speaks for itself. Through his work, we are transported away to mysterious galaxies and nebulae.

On the flip side, Larryn Rae of New Zealand shows us how attractive the skies can be even when one's feet are planted firmly on the ground. The New Zealand photographer was named Nightscape Photographer of 2021 and his work showing stunning star trails and evocative aurorae demonstrate the beauty of nature when left untouched.

Several other categories, including Milky Way, The Moon/The Sun, Galaxies, and Asteroids all celebrate the feast for the eyes that our skies give us. Save a Star looks to ensure that we'll always be able to enjoy these views by practicing what they call Astro-Advocacy. By educating the public, businesses, and government officials, they hope to reverse light pollution.

If these winning images from the photo contest do nothing else, they certainly are a good motivation to join the cause so that the stars always remain visible for all to enjoy.

Check out the winners of the inaugural ASTRO2021 photo competition by Save a Star.

NGC 6357

Lobster Fra Diavolo (NGC 6357 by Andy Campbell (Australia). Astronomy Photographer of 2021

Star Trails Over a Lit Up Tent on a Mountain

Mountain Basecamp by Larryn Rae (New Zealand). Nightscape Photographer of 2021

Stars and Nebulae

“The Galactic Center” by Mehmet Ergün (Germany). Winner, Stars, Nebulae

Colorful Aurora Over Water

“Kaleidoscope” by Marybeth Kiczenski (United States). Winner, Aurorae

Milky Way Under Palm Trees

“Palm Land Under Stars” by Mohammad Sadeq Hayati (Iran). Winner, Milky Way

The contest is run by the non-profit Save a Star, which seeks to preserve our night skies.

Star Trails in the Night Sky

Taranaki Trails by Larryn Rae (New Zealand). Nightscape Photographer of 2021

Colorful Star Trails Over a Hill

“Rainbow Stars Rain” by Louis Leroux-Gere (France). Winner, Star Trails

Sun Over the Hill

“Sun Spot Hill” by Jordi Coy (Spain). Winner, The Moon, The Sun.

C/2020 M3 (ATLAS) and the Nebulae of Auriga

“C/2020 M3 (ATLAS) and the Nebulae of Auriga” by Lionel Majzik (Hungary). Winner, Planets, Asteroids

Through Astro-Advocacy they are calling for a decrease in light pollution.

Nebula Photography

Deep in the Heart of Mordor (NGC 7293) by Andy Campbell (Australia). Astronomy Photographer of 2021

Northern Lights Over Water

Into Infinity by Larryn Rae (New Zealand). Nightscape Photographer of 2021

Aurora Over a Waterfall

Godafoss Flow by Larryn Rae (New Zealand). Nightscape Photographer of 2021

Silver Dollar Galaxy

“The Silver Dollar” by Patrick Winkler (Austria). Winner, Galaxies

Neowise Comet Falling Over a Tree

“Neowise” by Lukáš Veselý (Czech Republic). Winner, Comets, Meteors

Blue Chilli Nebula

Blue Chilli Nebula (Vela SNR) by Andy Campbell (Australia). Astronomy Photographer of 2021

Save a Star: Website | Instagram | Facebook

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Save a Star.

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