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Adventurous Photographer Captures Thrilling Thunderstorms

These intense weather scenes seem to be taken right out of an apocalyptic movie. It’s not everyday that we get to witness such dark skies and giant, swirling clouds looming in the distance. In his collection, entitled Sky, Clouds, and the World Above, photographer and storm chaser Sean R. Heavey captures these wondrous moments for all to experience.

Having been raised in the city, Heavey used to only drive through small towns on his way to someplace else. But, he says, a two month trip turned out to be “an adventure he never expected.” Now based in Montana, the photographer says, “Rarely without my camera, I have been exploring my new home. Driving the dusty roads and walking the untamed lands, discovering the rich spirit of Northeastern Montana.”

To capture these visually exciting photographs, Heavey digitally tracks the storm and then ventures out to find the severe weather. He is always well-prepared, with a full tank of gas, an escape route, the awareness to stay ahead of the storm, and the ability to keep calm and to see the perfect moments under extremely treacherous circumstances. Back in the safety of his own home, Heavey sometimes stitches multiple images together to obtain his panorama shots. The final results are these unique and thrilling natural wonders.

Sean R. Heavey’s website
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