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Whimsical Rocket Coffee Table Uses Playful Design for Functional Furniture

Adding to his array of unique furniture items, Stelios Mousarris presents the whimsical Rocket Coffee Table. Combining a variety of manufacturing techniques, from lathe and 3D printing to resin casting and traditional hand-carved elements, he has formed a playful piece that invokes a sense of childhood nostalgia. Fluffy, cartoon-esque clouds trail from quaint toy rockets that meet a sleek glass tabletop, effectively fusing the base of a carefree childhood with a transparent and practical functionality that evolves to rest on top.

Mousarris' design offers a fresh spin on a decidedly adult purchase, recalling the carefree ambience of days spent playing with collectables and watching cartoons for hours on end. The fanciful piece is also customizable: the individual rockets are unattached to the glass top, so each of the owners may generate a shape and structure that appeals to them. Through his concept creation, the Cyprus-based designer captures the innocent childish fun of youth and invites one to take a stroll down memory lane.

Measuring 120 cm by 43 cm (47 inches by 17 inches), the statement pieces serve as the perfect reminder that age is just a number and how it shouldn't affect our carefree, playful sides. Rocket Coffee Table is purposely fashioned to put a smile on the face of “nostalgic adults, children, and children trapped in adult bodies.”

Stelios Mousarris: Website | Facebook
via [designboom]

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