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Stunning Double Illustrations on Transparency

Hong Kong-based illustrator Man-Tsun recently reached out to us to tell us about a new series of work he's created that involves layering clear plastic sheets (or transparency). It's only when two separate pieces come together that you get to see a wild and wonderfully interesting story emerge.

All of the illustrations were created using Adobe Illustrator. “It was like drawing on X-ray film,” he tells us. “For example, one of the illustrations is of a guitarist. I did it in the first layer and then I drew the inner skeleton as the second layer. Once it was done, I sent it to my printer using a technique called UV flatbed printing to print directly on the plastic. I was very much counting on this printing company for this beautiful result.”

“As an illustrator, I love to experiment on new concepts and drawing techniques to create new illustrations,” he continues. “Illustration/Drawing = Paper. This is what people usually have in mind. I wanted to do something out-of-the-box, jump out from this formal.”

Man-Tsun's website

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