The Burning House Project – Part 2

The Burning House project by Robert Holden is one of the most intriguing compilations that we've covered over the past few years. The series focuses on the precious items you would escape with if your house was suddenly engulfed in flames. The hypothetical situation makes us instantly realize just how important some objects really are to us. Here are some recent submissions that caught our eye.

Sebastian Kuntz, 19, Germany, Student / Freelance Photographer (above):
-Canon ae-1
-Two films (color + b/w)
-My wallet (very necessary)
-Pencil case (filler + other pens)
-My favorite album (coldplay – parachutes)
-Old pocket watch (broken)
-Dried flower (an encouraging gift)
-My favorite book (the catcher in the rye)
-Crystal stone (high personal value)
-Two notebooks (my thoughts)
-Conceptum + pencil
-iPod touch (never be without music)
-Two black felt pens (to draw)
-British pen (gift)
-Two frames (love them)
-Pen pocket

Miguel A., 23, Barcelona, Architecture Student

Miguel's List:
-Red Socks
-Leather sneakers
-Molenskine Notebook + two pens
-Watch of Xina
-Wayfarer Sunglasses
-My old Bag
-Book: “El elogio de la sombra”
-Lomo Fisheye camara
-Polaroid photographs of my family

Sarah, 22, Berlin, Design Student

Sarah's List:
-Rabbit Lotte
-Teddy of my childhood
-iPod (just because of the music)
-Artwort of the last semester
-Necklaces (presents of important persons)
-Photo-album of the last summer
-Book about San Francisco
-Some photos
-My purse
-Old camera and the one which i use to take this picture
-My favorite sunglasses
-And every person which is in the house

Jeremy Zini, 30, Brooklyn, NY, Artist

Jeremy's List:
-Custom made boots from Argentina
-Favorite Jeans
-Macbook Pro

Frida Vega Salomonsson, Stockholm, Sweden, Student

Frida's List:
-My bunny Tingeling
-Konica Pop
-External harddrive
-My favorite blouse
-The book i'm currently reading
-A picture of me with my stillborn little brother
-My camera, not in the picture but did capture this picture.

Margot Kohl, 18, Rennes, France, Student

Margot's List:
-My violin
-Pictures of my friends
-Picture I took in Albania (left)
-Pictures my dad took when he was younger (right)
-My guitar
-My cat
-My two rings

T.I., 31, Sao Paulo, Brazil

T.I.'s List
-Magtech shotgun
-Foreign money
-My father's watch
-Bank Tolken
-Car key
-Birth certificate
-Hard drive

Jennie Bukowski, 19, Annapolis, Maryland, Writer, Crafter

Jennie's List:
-Grandpas Canon Camera Bag
-Favorite Shoes (Red Chuck Taylors)
-Black Fake Rayban Sunglasses
-Doll of Constance Contraire from the Mysterious Benedict Society Books
-Print of A Yeti Drinking Tea by Diana Sudyka
-Action Figure of the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who
-Where the wild things are by Maurice sendak
-Boy by Roald Dahl
-The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum
-Black Cardigan
-Trident Gum
-A Comically Large Comb

Carlos Morevi, 36, Curitiba, Brazil, Designer

Carlos' List:
-My favorite book of all time, The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury
-A illustration dedicated to my son, drawing by my best friend
-My portfolio backups
-Korg Kaoss Pad
-Korg Monotron
-Atari keychain With 2 builtin games
-Pen and Ink
-Twin Peaks complete series in dvd
-My sketchbook
-Some documents
-Wall clock that I made in the form of time bomb

Alex Boenisch, 23, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Graphic Designer

Alex's List:
-Canon Rebel Eos T2i with Tamron 17-50mm lens; I shoot with this
-Sig Sauer P226 Dark Elite; I also shoot with this
-Inhaler; I'll need it after crawling under the smoke
-CRKT M16-13DSFG Folding Knife (always carry)
-Leatherman Wave Multitool (always carry)
-Favorite photo of my girlfriend and I
-Assorted keys and fobs (always carry)
-Business Card Case (always carry)
-Wallet (always carry)
-Old photograph of my grandfather and his car
-Old photograph of my grandmother taken by my grandfather
-The Mobile; Not an iPhone. Weird, right? (always carry)
-15″ Macbook Pro in my favorite Incase sleeve

Justin McClinton, 19, Matteson, Illinois, Student, TV Salesmen, Underachiever

Justin's List:
-Navy Diver T-shirt (my father was a seal he used to wear it and now I do)
-Portrait of my family from the 80s (closest thing we got to a colonial family photo)
-Picture of me and my two brothers (older bro has on the OG Bred 13s)
-New Balance 999 (Foresst would call it a comfortable shoe)
-Ralph Lauren Twill five pocket jeans (I sacrificed my APC NS for comfort)
-Favorite Comics (Static before cartoon popularity and an 80s Wolverine)
-SNES NBA Jam (family heirloom)
-Pokemon cards (T206 Honus Wagner < Holographic Charizard)
-Ernie Banks autographed baseball cap (not a Cubs ban, but its freaking Ernie Banks)
-All on top of my custom high school blanket given to me for being a four year athlete

Emily Loerke, 30, Dallas, Texas, Blogger, Writer, Clergy

Emily's List:
-Childhood woobie (for cape wearing and fort building)
-Favorite coffee mug
-My mom's 1962 Gibson guitar
-Favorite thrifted belt
-Birth certificates & marriage license
-1941 Royal Quite Deluxe Portable Typewriter (a gift from dear friends)
-MacBook & iPhone
-Wallet, Checkbook, Keys
-Antique bone fork (a gift from my dad)
-My grandmother's oak recipe box & recipe book
-Leather journal (My husband and I have been writing letters to each other in it for the past 5 yrs)
-My mom's 1960's blue bandana
-Favorite thrifted salt & pepper shakers that remind me of my twin sister
-Vintage Fire King dish (a gift from my mom)
-Antique E.T.N. Swift box (filled with cash we've been saving for our 25th wedding anniversary)
-Canon 40D (used to take this photo)

Claudia Bessi, 20, Tuscany, Italy, Student of Design

Claudia List:
-My grandpa's sculpture
-My sketch-book with my first professional paint-brush
-My blue horse in glass, a memory of my childhood
-The necklace my boyfriend gives me for my birthday
-My birds in fabric hanging above my bed
-“The Alchimist”, my favourite book, a present of my best friend for my 18th birthday
-My ring, I always always wear it
-My very special photos
-My MacBook with the pink caterpillar!

Maggie Rudy, 52, Portland, Oregon, Artist, Children's Book Illustrator

Maggie's Items:
-Jackie, my childhood doll
-my wallet, made from a feed sack
-a postcard from Maurice Sendak, received in response to a fan letter I wrote in 1970
-my great-grandmother's prom dress
-my glasses
-pictures of my sons
-a bird brooch, given to me by my husband
-a photograph of my dad, circa 1938 by Brett Weston
-little felt mice characters that I made
-my laptop

Brian Thomas, 28, Chicago, Copywriter

Brian's List:
-KHS Pursuit track bike
-Seagull custom backpack
-Bike repair tools & pouch
-Pilgrim At Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard
-Patagonia Torrentshell jacket
-My Army medals
-Moleskine sketchbook
-Pocket knife
-Surefire E2D defender flashlight
-Acme pen
-Wegner watch– it just won't die
-My last photo of my parents together
-My Army combat knife (with flint and whetstone in sheath pocket)

The McMillans, both 36, Minneapolis, Menswear

The McMillans' List:
-Orrlaskan Wool Blanket
-Antique 1970s Encyclopedia Brittanica Globe
-Baby Gator head
-Mac's Fishing rods
-Kat's favorite bag by Schuler + sons
-Photo of Tess, Kat's first dog + love
-Kat's Adidas Sambas
-Mac's Sperry Boat Sneakers
-Pierrepont Hicks FW11 Tie
-Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
-Scrapbooks from Africa and Beyond by Peter Beard
-Baby: Mimi McMillan, 10 weeks old
-Not Shown: Camille McMillan age 2

Brett Rogowski, 38, Pennsylvania, United States, Programmer, Photographer, Runner

Brett's List:
-Trusty knife
-Willow Tree Dad with baby (we had such a hard time conceiving our first child – this gift moved me)
-Medals from many, many, many marathons
-My favorite Mizuno Racing shoes
-Change of clothes for my two girls / pacifier from the hospital. Only one that works
-Paper mache cat that my wife and I both had when we met
-My guitar (the only item that has survived more than 15 years with me)
-Wine from 2008 the day my first daughter was born (Big Sur Marathon)
-Gimli my trusty pug
-Gimli's treats
-Illegal fireworks
– Box of misc flowers given to me from my wife over 11 years ago
-Red Pepper
-My favorite pen
-Memory cards
-iPhone and iPad
-50mm and 125mm leneses
-Canon 40D (not shown)
-Dell 2600 – my life is almost completely digital now
-Painting from 2005 of a moth in monochromatic.

The Burning House website

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