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Mermaid Tights with Fantastically Colorful “Scales” Make Fantasy a Reality

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a mermaid or a dragon, you can now be a step closer to your wish. Daniel Struzyna of the Tinkercast shop has created handmade tights that feature the scales found on the tail of a mermaid or body of a dragon. Part fantasy and part fashion, these nude nylon leggings have a satisfying, tactile feel with layered silicone scallops scattered atop the stretchy fabric.

Stuzyna’s tights are available in a variety of colors and scale arrangements, which affords the wearer versatility in their use. Some leggings have a bevy of colorful silicone shapes (including fins) and are ideal for cosplay outfits, while other designs feature less scales and could work as a quirky statement piece for everyday attire.

Tinkercast sells their whimsical wares on Etsy.

Tinkercast: Etsy | Facebook
via [So Super Awesome, Bored Panda]

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