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Singing Steel Tree Sculpture

From a distance, this swirling mass of steel pipes may appear to be an approaching tornado on the horizon. Upon closer inspection, the 3-meter tall wind-powered musical sculpture is actually quite soothing. Formed in the shape of a tree bending and blowing in the wind, the hollow pipes hum with resonant tones as the winds of the hilltop breeze through them.

Designed by architect group Tonkin Liu, the sculpture overlooks the town of Burnley in Lancashire, England. It is one of four sculptures created as part of the Panopticons arts and regeneration project, a six-year initiative to create landmarks that symbolize the cultural advancements, or renaissance, of the area. The architect team said, “As the wind passes different length pipes in different layers, the tree sings different chords. Each time you sit under the shelter of the tree you will hear a different song.”

Tonkin Liu website
via [Sweet Station]

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