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Enchantingly Rare All-White Reindeer Spotted on the Side of a Road in Sweden

There are always outliers in nature—anomalies that don’t seem real. The all-white reindeer is one oddity that takes you by surprise because it’s a far cry from the creature’s typical dark-brown fur. One of these elusive caribou, antlers and all, was recently spotted roaming Malå, Sweden in early September. Redditor nlsoy posted the picture of the colorless reindeer on the side of the road, but this is a serendipitous spotting—this variation is very rare.

The cause of the all-white fur could be from a genetic mutation that strips the pigmentation from the hair. Despite the lack of color, this creature is not an albino because it doesn’t have red eyes—a tell-tale characteristic. Nsloy’s post, rather, showcases an enchanting creature who perfectly blends in with the snow. Check out some more of these magical-seeming caribou, below.

Above photo source: Reddit

Photo source: MooseOnTheLoose

Photo credit: Martin Jendrichowski
Photo credit: Hamid Sardar-Afkhami

via [Twisted Sifter, reddit]

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