World’s Deepest Pool Includes Underwater Tunnel and Hotel Rooms

Deepest Pool in the World

Just outside of Warsaw, Poland, a new swimming pool is taking shape. Guaranteed to give swimmers an experience like no other, Deepspot will be the world's deepest swimming pool when it opens in autumn 2019. At 147.6 feet (45 meters) deep, this incredible pool holds nearly 300,000 cubic feet (8,000 cubic meters) of water and gives the experience of freediving into space. Athletes, professional divers, and beginners alike are in for an experience like no other when Deepspot opens its doors.

Even if you don't want to plunge into the water, you can still relish the underwater experience thanks to some special features. An underwater tunnel means that pedestrians can stroll straight across the pool while remaining nice and dry. Deepspot will also include conference rooms, training rooms, and underwater hotel rooms with a view into the diving pool's interior.

The complex expects to draw international talent thanks to careful consideration about how the pool can best help divers meet their goals. For instance, the water will be heated to a slightly higher temperature than normal so that wetsuits are unnecessary, even during long training sessions. The deep pool will allow for training sessions at a variety of depths, and beginners will be able to learn from experts using top equipment.

With a depth equivalent to the height of a fifteen story building, engineering the world's deepest pool was no easy feat. The excavation work was taxing, with Deepspot saying that it took the force equivalent of one elephant to clear 10.7 square feet (1 square meter) of the enormous basin. Another consideration was how to keep this amount of water crystal clear and clean, as a regular filtration system was unfeasible for a pool of this magnitude. In order to ensure complete transparency throughout the day, it was necessary to create a special filtration system that will keep the waters clean without disturbing swimmers and divers.

Once completed, Deepspot will take over the title of world's deepest pool, a record that's currently held by Y-40 in Italy. With a 164-feet-deep pool in the works in the UK, the title might be short-lived. Either way, Deepspot is slated to join a small, elite group of complexes catering to divers around the world.

Deepspot is a new 15-story-deep pool being built outside of Warsaw.

Deepspot - World's Deepest Pool

How Deep is the World's Deepest Pool?

When it opens, it will be the world's deepest pool and will attract divers from around the world.

Where is the World's Deepest Pool?

Deepspot - World's Deepest Pool

Deepspot: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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