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April 28, 2017

People Are Planting Flowers in Potholes Their City’s Neglecting to Fix

Today, many contemporary artists and creative problem-solvers strive to come up with inventive solutions to aesthetic problems. In addition to broken artifacts and forgotten everyday objects, works enhanced by these imaginative individuals include public spaces and streets—namely, those plagued with neglected potholes. In a unique twist on ephemeral art, people have begun transforming the unsightly cracks and holes into beautiful, miniature gardens. To create each piece of flower protest art, the ‘guerrilla gardeners' first fill the holes with soil.

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April 27, 2017

Amazing Life-Sized Wedding Cake Meticulously Recreates a Real Couture Gown

As cake art grows increasingly creative and complex, the possibilities for wedding confections are seemingly endless. From colorful geodes to delectable drips to even real flowers you can eat, contemporary cakes offer more than just stiff white icing. They transcend the traditional and are elevated into the realm of edible sculptures. Baker extraordinaire Emma Jayne showcases this in one of her latest creations that appeared at the Cake International show in London.

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