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May 25, 2017

10 Astrophotographers Capturing the Awe-Inspiring Wonders of the Galaxy

From the beginning of human civilization, we’ve been fascinated by what lies beyond our sky. Nighttime is when it's in its most spectacular state; the dazzling stars glitter from the dark abyss and only compound our wonder of the galaxy. Now, with advancements in technology, we’re able to answer the questions that have plagued us for centuries. Through astrophotography, photographers can record celestial objects and large patches of the night sky. What is Astrophotography?

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May 23, 2017

Computer Engineer Bride with No Female Friends Has Hilarious Photo Shoot with Her “Bros” Instead

It’s no secret that STEM careers aren’t exactly teeming with women. So, when it comes to making friends in those fields, chances are a woman is going to have more than a few male confidants. For computer engineer Rebeca Brantes, this was a problem she was facing as she prepared for her wedding. According to the bride-to-be, she didn’t have any girlfriends to fill the role of bridesmaids for her wedding.

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