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25 Quirky Products for a White Elephant Gift Exchange That Are Under $25

List of Gifts Under $25 for a White Elephant Gift Exchange

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Every year, people are putting a fun spin on the conventional holiday gift exchange with a white elephant party. The rules lend themselves to a playful environment and even some light-hearted shenanigans.

So, what is a white elephant gift exchange? Also called a Yankee Swap, there are a few basic rules. Essentially, each person in the swap brings a wrapped present to contribute to a gift pool. Usually, the event organizer has stipulations on price and type of gift. Some white elephant exchanges, for instance, encourage people to re-gift something they never wanted in the first place.

Once the items are in, players draw numbers to determine the order they’ll select a gift. Then, everyone sits in a circle so they can all see the presents. The first player picks their gift and opens it. Here’s what makes the white elephant exchange different from something like a Secret Santa: the following players can take an item from the pool or steal a previous player’s gift. If someone has their present stolen, then they can either choose a new gift or steal it from someone else. This continues until everyone has had a turn.

If you’ve been invited to participate in one of these exchanges, it can be tricky to pick a gift. You’re not buying for a specific person; instead, you’re bringing something that would appeal to at least several people. To help you in this endeavor, we’ve selected a variety of quirky and creative gifts that are all $25 and under. We’re sure that there’s a Star Wars fan, tea enthusiast, and cat lover in your group! See our entire selection, below.

Need something for a white elephant gift exchange? Here are quirky and creative gifts all for $25 or less!

Cozy Sweater Mug


Rainbow Yoga Joes

Creative White Elephant Gifts

Brogamats | $25


Pop Art Crew Socks


Van Gogh Irises Candle

List of Gifts Under $25 for a White Elephant Gift Exchange


1,000-Piece Moon Puzzle


Unicorn Trinket Bowl

Cool Gifts Under $25

The MET | $25


MagnaShapes Spinning Circles

Creative White Elephant Gifts

The MET | $24


Garden Greeting Pot


Metropolitan Museum of Art Masterpieces Deluxe 2020  Calendar

White Elephant Gifts 2019

The MET | $21.99


Death Star Kitchen Timer

White Elephant Gift Ideas

Star Wars | $22.99


Round Polarized Sunglasses


Tokens of My Love: 24 Redeemable Coupons


Adult Award Ribbons


Nail Polish Holder

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Tweexy | $9.99


Build-On Brick Mug

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Triumphic | $12.50


Silicone Wine Glass Holder for the Shower

White Elephant Gift Ideas

30 Watt | $13.85


Baby Nessie Tea Infuser

White Elephant Gift Ideas

OTOTO | $12.40


Blockitecture Habitat


Face Vase

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Torre & Tagus | $25.75


Lollipopter Kinetic Toy


Cactus Cool Mist Humidifier

White Elephant Gift Ideas

AmuseND | $14.89


Small Wooden Cat Pile

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Comma | $20


Puffer Fish Dryer Buddies

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Kikkerland | $9.50


Gentlemen’s Hardware Survival Kit


Louis C. Tiffany Favrile Domed Magnets

List of Gifts Under $25 for a White Elephant Gift Exchange

The MET | $22


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