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January 13, 2020

Photographer Uses a Drone to Light-Paint Baby Yoda in the Brilliant Night Sky

Everyone is captivated by Baby Yoda (aka the cutest Star Wars character ever). Artists, bakers, and now photographers have paid homage to The Child through their creativity. Using a combination of drone technology and long-exposure photography, Russell Klimas made a light painting of a giant Baby Yoda against the brilliant backdrop of the night sky.

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January 10, 2020

Photographer Shares the Striking Transformation of His Images Before and After Photoshop

Photographer Kevin Carden transforms otherwise ordinary scenes of everyday life into extraordinary tales. Using his camera and his expert knowledge of Photoshop, he patches together different settings, textures, and compositional elements to create images that evoke feelings of wonder and strength. This speaks to the larger purpose of his work. Carden says his images are inspired by his Christian faith, and he produces these photographs based on the principles found in the Bible.

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January 8, 2020

Artist Uses 4,000 Pieces of Paper to Bring Her Bird and Butterfly Sculptures to Life

Artist Lisa Lloyd brings winged creatures to life through meticulously crafted paper sculptures. Using scoring, folding, and fringing, she creates birds and butterflies that are striking in their realism and awe-inspiring in their attention to detail. Lloyd constructs their feathers and wings with tiny pieces of scalloped paper, and this often results in a staggering 4,000 paper pieces on a single model.

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January 7, 2020

Embroidery Artist Stitches 3D Hairstyles of People Enjoying a Clear Night Sky

Embroidery artist Maria of Desert Eclipse Studio commemorates the joy of stargazing in her series of tactile hoop art. The circular canvases feature one to three people, their hair flowing, as they appear to gaze upward at the dotted stars. To create these pieces, Maria uses loose threads and yarns that mimic her subjects’ curly coifs, long straight strands, and beautiful braids.

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