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Fascinating Video Shows Women’s Ideal Body Types Over 3000 Years

Female standards of beauty change over time, and what was considered attractive only 10 or 20 years ago might not be anymore. But how have these ideals shifted over a much longer period of 3,000 years? Buzzfeed Video created a short, fascinating feature that examines the different body types seen as beautiful throughout history.

Using a diverse cast of women, we get a compelling look at praise-worthy bodies starting with Ancient Egypt (circa 1292 to 1069 BC) and ending with Postmodern Beauty (circa 2000s to today). Each has their own specific set of desirable characteristics. Ancient Greece lauded full-bodied women with light skin, while the Han Dynasty preferred large eyes and small feet.

What's clear from this video is that a definition of beauty constantly changes over time as different trends fall in and out of vogue. Some aspects make a comeback many, many years later while other traits already saw their heyday.

Buzzfeed Video YouTube channel
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