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35 of the World’s Best Photos Announced for AGORA Awards 2019

The photo contest awards the best single image and over 130,000 photos were submitted for consideration.

Award-winning Photography

Women fishing in West Bengal before heading to the market (Pranab Basak/AGORA images)

Award-winning Photography

Three volunteers serve 1000 plates of chicken and rice prepared for the Iftar, an evening meal in which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset. (Dharma Kurniawan/AGORA images)

Best Photographs of 2019 on Agora

Entry from the contest’s youngest finalist, an 18-year-old photographer from the Jersey Channel Islands. The cruise boat was visiting the harbor close to his hometown. (Cameron Aird/AGORA images)

Best Photographs of 2019 on Agora

Correfocs during traditional Catalan festival, where groups dressed as devils light fireworks in the crowd (Albert Castañe/AGORA images)

Best Photographs of 2019 on Agora

The Amazon-like shot was taken in East Sussex, where the Cuckmere river divides the grasslands (Hugo Healy/AGORA images)

Photography Contest Finalists

A lizard and a snail sharing a cute moment (Andi Halil / AGORA images)

AGORA Awards 2019 Top 50 Finalists

It took the photographer 4 hours to take this shot of an ant carrying water drops spread on a piece of thread (Analiza De Guzman/AGORA images)

Award-winning Photography

Fisherman in action at the Situ Patenggang lake (Glenn Valentino/AGORA images)

Agora Photo Sharing App

Early morning shot of the Cirahong Bridge, located on the border of Tasikmalaya Regency and Ciamis Regency. The bridge was built in 1893 by the Dutch colons. (Dikye Ariani/AGORA images)

AGORA Awards 2019 Top 50 Finalists

Lonely man looking at the horizon in Kobe, Japan (Patricia Soon/AGORA images)

Agora Images App

Taken at the Peace and Friendship stadium in Athens (Markellos Plakitsis/AGORA images)


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