This Is What AI Thinks People Look Like Based on Their Job

Here's What AI Thinks Average Professionals Look Like

According to AI, most professionals look like models or actors. Or, at least, that's what it seems like in the new series of Midjourney-generated images by BuzzFeed writer Angelica Martinez. She asked the AI image generator what an average person looks like based on a variety of careers, from astronauts and doctors to influencers and baristas.

Unsurprisingly, AI has a very polished vision of what an average professional looks like. Everyone appears to be their best selves, fit and trim without a hair out of place. At first glance, AI appears to have gotten things right. The firefighters have their gear on, the dentists are flashing their beautiful smiles, and the news anchors give smoldering glances at the camera.

But, when you really dive in, it seems like the technology made some odd choices that spark questions about what source material humans used to train it. For instance, the astronauts are quite intense. And in particular, the female astronaut looks like something has spooked her. The actors appear dressed for a period piece set in the 1930s, while the authors look like fairly generic hipsters except for the glasses that give a vague air of literary greatness. The morticians are also quite interesting, seeming like a pair from the late 19th century rather than someone who provides funeral services today.

The overall feel is quite youthful. Only in some of the science-based professions, as well as teaching, do we find older employees. In fact, the female teacher is the only woman in the selection who looks as though she's over 50. Apparently, in AI's eyes, once you reach middle age, there's little space left in your career.

Of course, we all know by now that AI plays on stereotypes. These types of series only serve to reinforce that and to remind us to take the AI visuals we see with a grain of salt. Keep scrolling down for all 36 images and see how well you think the technology managed to capture the spirit of each job.

See what AI thinks professionals in 36 common careers look like.


What AI Thinks Accountants Look Like



What AI Thinks Actors Look Like



What AI Thinks Astronauts Look Like



What AI Thinks Authors Look Like



What AI Thinks Baristas Look Like



What AI Thinks Chefs Look Like


Delivery Drivers

What AI Thinks Delivery Drivers Look Like



What AI Thinks Dentists Look Like



What AI Thinks Doctors Look Like



What AI Thinks Engineers Look Like


Fashion Designers

What AI Thinks Fashion Designers Look Like


Fast Food Employees

What AI Thinks Fast Food Employees Look Like



What AI Thinks Firefighters Look Like


Flight Attendants

What AI Thinks Flight Attendants Look Like



What AI Thinks Influencers Look Like



What AI Thinks Journalists Look Like



What AI Thinks Landscapers Look Like



What AI Thinks Lawyers Look Like


Makeup Artists

What AI Thinks Makeup Artists Look Like


Marketing Managers

What AI Thinks Marketing Managers Look Like



What AI Thinks Morticians Look Like


News Anchors

What AI Thinks News Anchors Look Like



What AI Thinks Nurses Look Like



What AI Thinks Pediatricians Look Like


Personal Trainers

What AI Thinks Personal Trainers Look Like



What AI Thinks Pilots Look Like



What AI Thinks Publicists Look Like


Real Estate Agents

What AI Thinks Real Estate Agents Look Like


Retails Employees

What AI Thinks Retail Employees Look Like



What AI Thinks Scientists Look Like


Software Developers

What AI Thinks Software Developers Look Like


Tattoo Artists

What AI Thinks Tattoo Artists Look Like



What AI Thinks Teachers Look Like



What AI Thinks Therapists Look Like



What AI Thinks Vets Look Like



What AI Thinks Waiters Look Like

All images via Angelica Martinez/Midjourney. My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by BuzzFeed.

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