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Alexa Meade Transforms a Room Into a Two-Dimensional Painting

Los Angeles-based artist Alexa Meade is known for mind-blowing 3D paintings that trick the eye into seeing flat images. The renowned artist turns the classical concept of trompe l'oeil–the art of making a two-dimensional representation look three-dimensional–on its head, working in the opposite direction to collapse depth and make her living models into seemingly flat works of art. Blending fine art, performance, and photography, the painter creates incredible optical illusions in a unique reinterpretation of reality.

Meade, who has trapped viewers inside paintings, submerged painted subjects in pools of milk, and integrated stencil-like figures into graffiti backgrounds in the past, has just released a sneak peek of her upcoming campaign with Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren. Working on an installation in Santa Monica, California, the artist transformed a three-dimensional room with brick walls and wooden floors into a playful two-dimensional scene. Chairs, mirrors, and two models were similarly turned into flat works of art as Meade demonstrated her unique skill of collapsing depth with acrylic and a paintbrush.

For Meade, painting is about capturing things in a specific light. In an interview with Mouthy Mag, she said, “I'm just really fascinated by reflections and reflected light and how we perceive space. I'm interested in capturing the subject itself and then the artists reinterpretation of it. My thin layer of paint dissolves the body underneath of it. Looking at the photographs you don't see a person anymore, you see the reinterpretation of reality.”

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via [Visual News]

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