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Ghostly Silhouettes of People as Faint Memories

Fleeted Happenings is a series by photographer Andrew Lyman that presents portraits of people who appear like ghostly figures on Earthy landscapes. The Savannah, Georgia-based artist’s collection explores “the transcendence of memory through time in relation to space.” Like a scene from one’s own memory, each frame presents a dim, translucent snapshot of these people yearning to recall their time in a specific location.

Each silhouette in the series, lined with light, stands in a state of contemplation and nostalgia. There’s a powerful sense of emotion in their stillness that translates brilliantly through the photo. Many of the images seem to present the subject as either longing to hold onto a memory or perhaps coming to peace with letting go of a time in their past life, good or bad. Ultimately, in any given frame, one can interpret the subject’s memory and relationship to his/her environment in a myriad of ways.

Andrew Lyman website
via [this isn’t happiness]

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