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30+ Tattoos Inspired by the Majestic Beauty of Architecture

architecture tattoo

Photo: Angela Ngo

We all know that good architecture has the ability to create connections to place, and this runs so deep that people are even getting architecturally inspired ink. From hyper-realistic tattoos of well-known buildings to line work that highlights specific architectural elements, architecture tattoo designs are becoming increasingly popular, and you don’t have to be an architect to get one.

Whether it’s to commemorate a place you lived or evoke the nostalgia of your favorite vacation, many of these tattoos relate to actual cityscapes. Others use familiar architectural lines and elements to create a fantasy space across their skin. Tattoo artists have also been known to ink individual construction elements—doors, stairs, windows—in unexpected places on the body.

Gothic architecture seems to be a popular choice, with its ornate windows and elaborate church spires as a recurring theme. But modernism isn’t dead. For instance, Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Guggenheim Museum in New York has inspired several tattoos, showing how a single building can give a different vibe depending on the tattoo artist’s style.

Check out these architecture themed tattoos and get inspired for your own ink.

architecture tattoo

Photo: jeshdxb

architecture tattoo

Photo: nikos_dadc

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