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Gorgeous Paintings Transform Hair Brushes Into Art History Inspired Accessories

“Everything old is new again,” the artist known simply as Yulia writes about her exquisite hair brushes. “Every piece is a work of art you can enjoy every day.” She means this literally—their wooden handles are adorned with famous paintings that act as small reminders of the beauty of imagination. They feature ethereal pieces by artist Gustave Klimt—including his iconic work The Kiss—as well as Vincent van Gogh and Alphonse Mucha, the founder of the Art Nouveau style popularized in the early 20th century.

Yulia’s intricate paddle brushes use the dècoupage technique in order to adhere the colorful images onto the rounded canvas. Sealed with a glossy varnish, it ensures that the pieces are protected from water as well as other wear and tear. Yulia further accessorizes the brushes with her own hand-painted accents and decorative stones. The result adds elegance to the gorgeous works she has chosen.

Although Yulia has an ample selection of artworks, she’s always open to custom orders. You can send or suggest an image of your own, or just pick your favorite from her fully-stocked Etsy shop, ArtKaleydoskop.

Yulia also creates art history-inspired storage boxes and mirrors:

ArtKaleydoskop: Etsy | Instagram | Facebook
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