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Claudicet Pena is a Contributing Writer and Project Manager for My Modern Met. In 2005, she attended the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University where she studied Business and Marketing. Later in her career, she found herself teaching yoga and meditation full-time, earning the title “Best Yoga Teacher 2016” by Best Self Atlanta Magazine. Claudicet is currently based in Boston, combining her passions for art, writing, and business development. As a creative at heart, she devotes time to her own outlets of yoga, meditation, writing, drawing, and painting. Claudicet also shares her love of arts & culture with her daughter as they explore the city and travel abroad. Explore along with them on Instagram: @claudipena.

July 26, 2021

Don’t Miss the “Best Meteor Shower of the Year” According to NASA

Astronomy fans have been waiting for what NASA calls the “best meteor shower of the year,” and it is finally upon us! The Perseid Meteor Shower 2021 will fill the night sky with streaks of light and color until August 24. Each summer, the Perseid graces the night sky with dozens of consistent shooting stars per hour, traveling across the sky at 37 miles per second, leaving long streaks in their wake.

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July 1, 2021

Get To Know 5 Radical Female Latin American Artists [Infographic]

When you think of a female hispanic artist, 9 chances out of 10, Frida Kahlo is on the top of that list. She’s on the top of the list for any average person, and rightfully so. There is no disputing Kahlo’s place in the art world as the original selfie queen and master surrealist. But even the master herself faced challenges to find her spot in the popular consciousness of the people.

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June 21, 2021

Herd of Wild Elephants Take an Adorable Nap Together After 300-Mile Journey

There is nothing like a well-deserved nap after a long day, and these elephants definitely deserved it. This herd of 15 wild Asian elephants embarked on a journey that began over a year ago, when they left their wildlife reserve zone near China's border with Myanmar. China’s wandering elephants have covered a 500-kilometer (300-mile) stretch and have been captured on camera sleeping together in a patch of forest on the outskirts of Southwest China’s Kunking.

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June 4, 2021

Yayoi Kusama: Get To Know The Most Successful Female Artist Alive [Infographic]

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is an iconic figure in contemporary art. The living legend has made a name for herself after decades of struggling to have her voice heard. And throughout all that time, she's had one consistent motif that's graced her art—spots. Now, with hours-long lines to enter her exhibits—including her Infinity Mirrors exhibition series this is an extension of her spots—there is no doubt that Kusama is in fact a crowd favorite.

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