Kindhearted Man Leaves His Cat’s Fur Outside for Birds To Make Their Nests

@teddieandcasper We’ve kindly donated our fur so the birdies can make their nests warm & cozy for their babies #birdies #sharingiscaring #furbaby #catsoftiktok #gatosfofos ♬ original sound – Teddie & Casper

Cats and birds are pretty much natural enemies, and it's not difficult to figure out why. However, one cat owner in the UK, affectionately known as CatDad, has made it his mission to begin mending the divide between the two species. In a heartwarming video, he demonstrates how he repurposes shed cat hair. Rather than throwing it away, CatDad carries it outside (while holding Teddie, one of the two cats it came from) and carefully places it in a suet bird feeder before hanging it on a tree.

His intention isn't to feed birds cat fur, though. What he's doing is actually providing fur for birds to build their nests with. Later in the video, we see a small songbird snatching up bits of fur in its beak and flying away. As it turns out, cat fur makes a purrfect addition to nests, thanks to its light and fluffy qualities. Since this is something that birds probably wouldn't be able to find in the wild very easily, they seem to appreciate the kindhearted man making their jobs easier.

The original TikTok video has made its way over to Reddit where Redditors have chimed in with their own heartwarming reactions. Someone shared that they do the same thing with their golden retriever's fur. Another user also does this with their Shiba Inu's shedding, and admits, “I could make another dog out of the hair that comes off him, so I let the birds put it to good use.”

Ultimately, putting it out for birds is a great way to repurpose pet fur, but if you're planning on doing this with your pet, make sure they haven't been treated with a topical flea or tick prevention. Some Redditors pointed out that these medications could harm the baby birds. You also want to avoid using particularly long hairs, as this could present dangers for the small animals and their wings if they get tangled up.

There's a kindhearted man in the UK known simply as CatDad who shares his everyday adventures with his two cats Teddie and Casper.

@teddieandcasper Catdad’s been multitasking in the greenhouse today #twosday #greenhouselife #catdad #gatos #fyp #catsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Teddie & Casper

The cats get all the love and pets they desire from CatDad.

@teddieandcasper Caspers had a busy day bossing catdad around #meow #bosscat #fyp #kittycuddles #catdad #cattok ♬ original sound – Teddie & Casper

@teddieandcasper Cuddle bug Teddie #cuddlebug #cuddlycat #catlover #cats #thatface ♬ original sound – Teddie & Casper

But CatDad also spreads his kindness to other creatures, too.

@teddieandcasper We’ve helped catdad rescue a bumble bee in the greenhouse today #bumblebee #helpingothers #fyp #catdad #greenhouselife #kitties #cats ♬ original sound – Teddie & Casper

In fact, he's gained attention on TikTok and beyond for how he shares his cats' fur with birds for them to build their nests.

@teddieandcasper It’s that time of the year when we donate our fur to the birdies… & then eat their food! #catgrooming #catdad #pickyup #catdad #catsoftiktok #helpingothers ♬ original sound – Teddie & Casper

Teddie & Casper: TikTok
h/t: [Reddit]

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