You Can Buy a Small Scottish Island and Lighthouse for Less Than the Average Cost of a House

Pladda Scottish Island With Lighthouse For Sale

Pladda Island, part of Scottish Isle of Arran.

Who wouldn’t want to live on a remote island, away from the loud city? Seabirds, creative freedom, and a lifestyle that mirrors the wide open sky might be more attainable than you think. Global real estate consultancy Knight Frank has an incredible opportunity on their books for some lucky dreamer to live such a life, and for almost a steal. You can now purchase your own island, complete with a working lighthouse, in Isle of Arran, Scotland, for less than the price of a house.

Pladda, the island in question, is a unique little gem. It's a breeding haven for sea birds like terns, gulls, turnpikes, and puffins. The warmer waters bring in sharks, dolphins, seals, and sometimes a whale to spot. There are dreamy views towards the south coast of Arran, Ailsa Craig, and Northern Ireland from the island's lace-like shore. A potential buyer could have this little slice of freedom along with a five-bedroom house, walled garden, and the lighthouse thrown in for £350,000 (about $424,961.25). It would be hard to find a small house at this price in most major cities.

Isle of Arran, where little Pladda belongs, is the largest island that tucks into the Firth of Clyde off the west coast of Scotland. The coastline is rugged and ever-changing. There is wildlife everywhere, and plenty of entertainment, too. Adventure sports, cultural festivals and fantastic tasty local produce abound, particularly cheeses and chocolate. Arran single malt whiskey starts as Scottish rainwater, and then gets purified through six local waterfalls before it gets to the distillery. There are harbors, piers, and romantic castles to explore in an area seeped in history.

When tired of adventuring on Arran, Pladda is a haven to retreat to. Just 28 acres, the island's size would be very manageable for most people. However, there are some necessary repairs. The house needs some work and the walled garden hasn't produced in a while. These can all be seen as creative projects though, if you’re handy. Also, the abundant outbuildings could be restored to any purpose a new owner might have in mind. And if you’re wondering about what it takes to maintain a lighthouse, you don't have to worry. The lighthouse operates automatically, and is monitored remotely from Edinburgh. You could invest in a boat or a helicopter though, as the island comes with its own jetty and helipad.

Pladda is a dream home for those adventurous spirits who love lighthouses, buildings, and restoration, but also the quiet life of soul and contemplation. If you can live alongside wild nature and inject your own fresh visions into the extensive structures and walled garden, the remote and beautiful island Pladda is waiting for you.

Anyone who longs for such a remote and private Scottish island life can reach out to Knight Frank for more details about the property.

Knight Frank is selling a Scottish Island and lighthouse for under $450,000.

Pladda Scottish Island With Lighthouse For Sale

Pladda Scottish Island With Lighthouse For Sale

The private island known as Pladda is part of the Isle of Arran.

Pladda Scottish Island With Lighthouse For Sale

Pladda Scottish Island With Lighthouse For Sale

The island, a 5-bedroom house, walled gardens, outbuildings, a lighthouse, and grazing land are all for sale.

Pladda Scottish Island With Lighthouse For Sale

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