9 Expert Tips on How to Successfully Work With Acrylic Paint

Nitika Ale Painting Tips

Artist Nitika Alé is known for her lush floral abstract paintings created with acrylics. To create her beautiful artwork, Alé employs all types of techniques, whether that means dripping, spraying, or brushing paint to get the desired effect. By using these techniques, she's able to create canvases that burst with emotion and color.

Luckily, Alé isn't shy about sharing her painting knowledge with others. In her online course Dream Your Own Abstract Acrylic Floral Paintings at My Modern Met Academy, she shares some of her favorite methods for producing abstract floral imagery. Students will see how she layers color to great effect and takes inspiration from something as simple as a flower and uses it as a springboard to make contemporary art.

We decided to ask Alé for some of her suggestions on how to get started with acrylic painting, and she didn't disappoint. Keep reading to learn the dos and don'ts that a professional artist feels are important to stay productive and creative. And then, if you want to learn more from Alé, enroll in her class, where you'll be able to watch the lessons again and again at your own pace.

Nitika Ale Abstract Painting

Here are 9 tips from an expert on how to stay creative when using acrylic paint.



  • Keep a sketchbook handy to practice your ideas.
  • Try working with a limited palette to practice.
  • Music is your friend. Sometimes it's hard to get yourself to paint, and all you need is a little nudge from a good Spotify playlist.
  • Try a new medium that might intimidate you.
  • Always organize your art supplies after working with them so you don’t get overwhelmed the next day.


Nitika Ale Abstract Painting



  • Never use just one jar of water, and try keeping at least two jars. One for cleaning the brush and the other one for mixing colors. This avoids muddying up the colors.
  • Never use just one brush or limit the size of brush strokes.
  • Don't hold the brush too close to the tip to allow a freer flow of strokes.
  • Avoid overworking the canvas if you are not satisfied with it. Take a break from the piece and return the next time with a refreshed perspective.


Nitika Ale Abstract Painting

Nitika Alé: Website | Instagram | Facebook
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