Explore Color and Learn New Techniques in This Acrylic Painting Masterclass

Luiza Niechoda Online Acrylic Painting Class

My Modern Met Academy is starting 2024 with a new painting course led by artist Luiza Niechoda. We've been a fan of the Polish artist's moody pixelated acrylic landscapes and couldn't wait to see what she'd come up with when we invited her to create a course. Her online acrylic painting class, which spans three hours, is more than we could have bargained for. In fact, it's so good that we're calling it a masterclass. And, it's now up for pre-sale at a special price.

In Acrylic Painting Masterclass: Explore Color and Abstract Landscape Painting, Niechoda will take students step by step through the creation of two contemporary abstract landscape paintings. Using acrylics, she'll show how she creates her signature pixelated style on one canvas, as well as a beautifully moody seascape on another.

Along the way, Niechoda details several ways to paint sharp, crisp lines and how to work with a limited color palette. Students will learn the basics of color theory and work together to create a hue matrix. The hue matrix is something that will not only assist you in selecting colors for these projects but it can also be used for years to come, thus becoming an invaluable tool in your artistic process.

Niechoda will also break down how she finds inspiration images to create her abstract sketches and then, using a digital program, manipulate these sketches to create the depth and perspective that she's after. But don't worry, she also shares how you can create the same effect even without the use of Photoshop. From there, you'll work together to transfer the inspiration images to the canvas and see her entire creative process.

And, if that weren't already enough, students also have the option to stretch their own canvas. While not required to complete the class, curious students can dive into this practice. Niechoda shows you how to put together a canvas, from joining the stretcher bars to cutting the fabric to preparing the canvas for painting. It's a whole mini-class within the course that is useful for any painter, regardless of style.

This is the perfect class for anyone who has some experience working with acrylics but wants to take their art to the next level. Whether you want to emulate Niechoda's style or want to create your own canvas, go more in-depth with color, understand how to use paint mediums, or learn why an underpainting is worthwhile, you'll find that this Acrylic Painting Masterclass is for you.

Ready to start painting? Enroll in the class now. Once purchased, the class can be found on your student dashboard. You can learn at your own pace and watch it as many times as you like.

In our Acrylic Painting Masterclass with artist Luiza Niechoda, you'll create two contemporary abstract landscape paintings.

Pixelated Landscape Painting by Luiza Niechoda

Contemporary Landscape Painting by Luiza Niechoda

In this intermediate-level course, Niechoda will detail all of the necessary materials and provide an optional mini-course on how to stretch and prep your own canvas.

Acrylic Painting Materials

How to stretch a canvas

From there, you'll also discover how she works with a limited color palette by going over the basics of color theory.

Color Theory Lessons

Learn Color Theory

Then, you'll work together to produce a useful hue matrix, which is a tool that can be used for years to come.

How to Create a Hue Matrix

How to Create a Hue Matrix

After going over inspiration images and creating sketches, you'll see how she creates her crisp lines as you paint together.

Acrylic Painting Masterclass

Acrylic Painting Masterclass

Acrylic Painting Masterclass

Enroll today for this 3-hour course.

Luiza Niechoda Online Acrylic Painting Class

Online Acrylic Painting Class

Once purchased, you'll be able to watch all of the lessons at your leisure.

Contemporary Landscape Painting by Luiza Niechoda

Contemporary Landscape Painting by Luiza Niechoda

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