May 4, 2017

Elegant Portraits Capture the Graceful Movement of Nimble Ballet Dancers

As a former dancer, New York-based photographer Rachel Neville specializes in images that highlight the human body and capture movement. Her penchant for experimenting with motion and her inherent artistic creativity have culminated in an esteemed collection of conceptual dance photographs. Neville's stylistic approach to dance photography is as distinctive as it is refreshing. Like traditional shots of dancers, her photographs place an emphasis on the expressive movements of the body.

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February 16, 2017

Dynamic Photos of Ballet Dancers in Motion on the Streets of Puerto Rico

After New York, Mexico, and Cuba, photographer Omar Z. Robles goes home with his set of ballet photos in Puerto Rico. As usual, the talented photographer recruited local ballerinas to participate in his shoot, capturing them in the urban landscape for breathtaking ballet dancer photos. While in Puerto Rico to visit his ailing grandmother, Robles reflected on his roots and what it means to return home after time away.

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May 2, 2016

Ballerina Expresses Raw Emotions through Portraits of Delicate Dance Movements

Dancers use their bodies as finely-tuned instruments, communicating thoughts and feelings through movement. As Olga Kuraeva explains to Instagram Blog, to her, dance is “neither a philosophy nor a job” but a means of expressing emotion. Kuraeva's Instagram account overflows with the young woman's power and grace, the stunning photographs of her body in movement telling spellbinding stories. Kuraeva dances with the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, one of the oldest schools for classical ballet training.

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