April 19, 2021

Free Software Lets You Easily Create Complex Japanese Wood Joinery

Traditional Japanese carpentry employs a variety of ancient techniques that allow wooden structures to be built without the use of any nails, screws, adhesives, or modern power tools. To the Western observer, that may seem far from structurally sound; however, there are many buildings constructed using traditional Japanese wood joinery methods that have stood for hundreds of years.

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November 6, 2020

Ingenious Bed Frame Has a Place for Cats to Play While Their Humans Rest

It’s not often that humans and their cats have furniture that is designed for both of them. A kitty might claim a spot as “theirs” on the couch or the bed, or their person will have to pay a lot for cat-centric furnishings that leave much to be desired, design-wise. But luckily, the creatives behind the Colombian brand CatLife are changing that with their clever Gatrimonial bed.

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September 17, 2020

Floating Color-Changing Cloud Lamps That Sync to Your Music

Brighten up your home with this Interactive Cloud lamp—a fluffy cumulous cloud with hidden LED lights that sync to your music. Designed by Richard Clarkson Studio, Interactive Cloud comes in a range of sizes and functions. Suspend it from the ceiling or group multiple clouds together to recreate the sky indoors. Wherever it is displayed, Interactive Cloud unites light and sound for a stunning effect.

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