Food Art

September 26, 2017

Ballerina-Turned-Pastry Chef Bakes Cakes with Incredibly Realistic Flowers Made of Sugar

Baking has transcended its roots as a practical activity into a conduit for artistic expression. And like art itself, baked creations can be done in a variety of styles. From cartoon character cakes to design-focused cookies, edible art takes many delicious forms. Ballerina-turned-pastry chef Maggie Austin takes a realistic approach when working on her multi-tiered cakes; she creates sugar flowers that look so lifelike that you’d never dream they were actually sweet treats.

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September 7, 2017

Edible Chocolate City Maps Modeled After Beloved Streets Around the World

If you can’t travel the world, why not eat it instead? Online purveyor Nisnas Industries has partnered with Tamtik Chocolate to create a confectionary block of in the shape of city maps from across the globe. Based on the stylized terrains of New York City, London, and Tel Aviv, the handmade dark chocolate gifts are a decadent homage to these beloved metropolises.

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September 6, 2017

Teenager Captures Colorful Side of Veganism with Beautiful Food Arrangements

Believing that “life is too short to eat boring food,” 16-year-old foodie Jose ( crafts colorful works of edible art. Each fanciful food arrangement is made using only vegan ingredients, showcasing the tasty, Technicolor side of the seemingly strict diet. Each of Jose's culinary creations features a focus on color and a tendency toward experimentation. Though most dishes incorporate staples like fresh fruit, frozen berries, and vegan chocolate, his creative approach to each ensures that no two recipes are alike.

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August 28, 2017

Bakery Creates “Galaxy Eclairs” Covered in a Sweet Swirling Glaze

Thanks to a recent cosmic culinary trend, more and more foods are getting the galactic treatment. From out-of-this-world wedding cakes to constellation cookies, these desserts are popping up in pastry shops all over the planet. Like most bakeries experimenting with this fad, Musse Confectionery in the Ukraine has its own space-inspired specialty: extraterrestrial éclairs. Capturing “the beauty of the cosmos,” each éclair features icing inspired by an interstellar aesthetic. Various shades of blue, purple, and pink swirl together to form galaxies speckled with stars.

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