Baker Creates Adorable Squid-Shaped Sausage Rolls To Make Food Fun for Kids Sausage Squid Roll These sausage rolls never failed to cheer the kids. Had some fun bakes over long weekend. ~Sausage Squid Roll~ (Recipe makes 10 sausage rolls) *Sweet stiff starter* 25g starter 80g flour 35g water 15g sugar *Dough* 220g bread flour 20g sugar 4g salt 1 egg 105g milk 20g butter All of the sweet stiff starter Method ➡️ Prepare sweet stiff starter and use when it triples, about 7-8hr at 27-28C. ➡️ Mix everything except butter till dough comes together and is strong. ➡️ Add butter in 2-3 batches and knead until fully incorporated, and dough achieves window pane. ➡️ Bulk proof the dough for 2hrs at 28C ➡️ Punch down dough and divide into 10 equal portions, round it up. Rest for 15mins ➡️ Roll out and wrap sausages ➡️ sprinkle water and coat with Parmesan cheese ➡️ Final proof. 3.5hr at 28C. ➡️ Bake at 180C for 15mins #sourdough #sourdoughbread #sourdoughbun #sausagesquidroll #cocktailbun #cocktailsausage #breadroll #sausagebun #sausagerolls #naturalyeast #wildyeast #sweetstiffstarter #sweetlevain #kidsbento #熱狗堡 #香腸麵包 #天 然酵母 #天然酵母パン ♬ Happy Feet – David H. Wurst

Growing up, many of us were probably told not to play with our food. But what happens when the people responsible for making our food find a way to have fun with it instead? Baker Chiew See of Autumn Kitchen takes this to heart as she tries to instill joy in her mouthwatering culinary creations.

See will often model her food off of animals, and a recent reel shows her making adorable squid-shaped sausage rolls that are almost too cute to eat. The video begins with the Malaysian chef making her dough from scratch and rolling it out into a flat rectangle. Then, she slices one side of the sausages so that they are split into eight separate strips, one strip for each tentacle of the squid. After wrapping the uncut half of the sausage in dough and placing it in the oven, See finishes her process by affixing edible eyes to the outside of the scrumptious squid.

The result is a puffy, golden-brown sausage roll that not only tastes delicious, but also has a larger-than-life personality. But if seeing isn't believing and you need to taste the adorable snack yourself, See kindly writes the ingredients and cooking instructions in the description of every video she posts, allowing you to recreate all of her cute cuisines. With over 1,700 posts on her Instagram, there is no shortage of recipes for you to make in your own free time.

To keep up with her latest culinary creations, you can follow her on See on Instagram or Facebook. For longer length tutorial videos, you can subscribe to Autumn Kitchen on YouTube.

Chiew See is a chef and baker who is best known for her adorable food creations. One of her latest video features a squid-shaped sausage roll that tastes as good as it looks.


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