February 21, 2018

Dog Breed Guide Is a Hilariously Accurate Representation of 20+ Different Pups

Choosing a canine companion can be a challenge. Different dog breeds each have their own personalities that might mesh perfectly with yours, or the two of you might drive each other crazy. Luckily, illustrator Grace Gogarty, aka Little Tunny, has created a hilariously helpful guide to distinguish the differences between dogs. Through quick sketches and witty bullet point “facts,” Gogarty has summed up over 20 breeds of canines.

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January 23, 2018

City of Los Angeles Uses MS Paint to Post Funny Job Ad for a Graphic Designer

Sometimes it’s okay to admit your limitations; although, rarely do we see such public admissions by a city government. The City of Los Angeles Personnel Department recently posted a job advertisement, for a new graphic designer. However, the ad wasn’t your average job listing: seemingly made in MS Paint, it features a pixelated copy-paste logo, “modernist cubes,” hand-drawn multi-colored fonts, and if that wasn’t bad enough, the particulars were written in Comic Sans.

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January 22, 2018

People Are Creating Their Own Wickedly Funny Brexit Stamps

#BrexitStamps — Russ (@RJonesUX) January 16, 2018 As Britain marches closer to Brexit, a new controversy has opened up about whether or not to honor the event with a commemorative stamp. The campaign, launched by UK tabloid The Sun, gained the backing of a few politicians, but was shot down by the Royal Mail, which released a statement saying Brexit “wasn’t an important event worth recognizing.

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