January 23, 2018

Man Builds a Life-Size Car Out of Snow, Fools Cops Into Thinking It’s Real

When there's massive snowfall, there's not much you can do besides binge-watch Netflix in the comfort of your own home. With drifts measuring multiple feet high, it's hard enough to walk around the neighborhood, let alone drive a car. Snow crews work tirelessly to get people moving again, which is why you'll see that certain roads are off-limits for parking during storms. Most people adhere to these rules and move their cars.

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January 19, 2018

Funny Guy Reveals What’s Going On Beyond the Edges of Famous Album Covers

Russian Photoshop wizard Igor Lipchanskiy sprinkles his technical skills and good dose of humor on famous album covers, transforming them into something completely—and hilariously—different. Lipchanskiy creates funny Photoshopped versions of the covers, expanding them out to see what “really” happens in the parts we don't normally see. Lipchanskiy inserts himself as a willing assistant, doing whatever it takes to make the musicians on the album covers happy, whether it's giving Will.i.

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January 8, 2018

Funny Art History Memes Imagine Historical Generals Pointing Out the Nearest Toilet

Historical generals pointing out the toilets: a short thread. — Jonathan Healey (@SocialHistoryOx) January 5, 2018 The field of art history is seen as a serious pursuit—as it should be—but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with it. Museum goers have already found clever ways to do this by creating funny museum Snapchats of paintings hanging on the wall.

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