July 29, 2018

Comic Artist Uses Biting Wit to Humorously Depict Her Everyday Life Struggles

We all respond to the world in different ways. Some turn inward and convey their emotions in art journals, while others find solace in sharing their experiences with other people. An illustrator named Prudence of the webcomic Planet Prudence depicts relatable, if not ridiculous, moments in life with a laugh-out-loud sense of humor. Prudence uses the tool of comparison to bring a biting wit to everyday situations.

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June 6, 2018

20+ Sticky Note Drawings That Perfectly Capture the Everyday Struggles of Adulthood

Cartoonist Chaz Hutton (aka Insta-Chaz) uses humble sticky notes as his canvas to illustrate the relatable highs and lows of daily life. Using a simple stick-man style in black ink, the artist captures the awkward transition into adulthood with witty diagrams, charts, and simple illustrations all condensed into small, square and rectangle-shaped yellow Post-it notes. Hutton first started drawing on sticky notes while bored at his desk job in an architecture firm.

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