June 15, 2021

Hilarious Danish Ad Makes a Great Case for Why You Should Always Wear a Helmet

From helmet hair to looking uncool, there are a million silly reasons why you might not want to wear a helmet when you cycle, but there is one very important reason why you should—it could save your life. Danish Road Safety Council recently collaborated with Copenhagen-based creative ad company &Co to deliver this serious message in a hilarious way. The ad revisits Denmark’s Viking origins to tell the story of a stubborn commander named Svend.

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April 27, 2021

Funny Guy Photoshops Himself Onto His Fridge’s Screen To Make It Look Like He’s Stuck Inside

There are many ways to deal with boredom, but photographer Saeed Awawdeh’s solution is funnier than most. Known as “Hurt CoPain” on Twitter, he wrote, “My fridge has a screen so sometimes I get bored and photoshop myself to make it look like i'm [sic] in there.” The hilarious images show what appears to be a miniature Awawdeh hanging out inside the fridge.

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