April 5, 2021

Two Determined Dachshunds Help “Free” the Huge Ship That Was Stuck in the Suez Canal

For six days, a huge 400-meter-long (1,300 feet) container ship called Ever Given was stuck in the Suez Canal in Egypt, one of the world's leading shipping lanes. The vessel, operated by Evergreen Marine Corp., became diagonally wedged across the waterway during a sandstorm which caused traffic to build up and other ships to be rerouted. Thankfully, after a scheme involving tug boats and dredging, the vessel was finally freed on March 29, 2021.

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February 10, 2021

Lawyer Accidentally Shows Up To Virtual Court With Kitten Filter On

Due to the pandemic, many of us are forced to work from home. Attending meetings via virtual platforms like Zoom might be a welcome change for some, but for others, video calls can be an awkward experience. Take Lawyer Rod Ponton for example. He showed up to virtual court in the 394th district of Texas looking a little unusual. He had a cat filter turned on, but he wasn’t kitten around—it was a total accident!

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November 30, 2020

Funny Animation Celebrates Comic Book Legend Stan Lee’s Love of Cursing

The late Stan Lee may no longer be with us, but the comic book legend still lives on through the Marvel superheroes he created. For decades, he provided the masses with amazing stories of adventure, but for those who worked closely with him, he also gave them friendship, joy, and laughter. This is captured in an animated short made by Lee’s former sound engineer Aron Fromm.

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