December 17, 2021

Canada Wrote Ryan Reynolds a Song To Let Him Know They Absolutely Love Him

Have you ever heard of a whole country writing a song for one person? Ryan Reynolds has now had that unique and extremely rare honor for being a “genuine Canadian icon.” Reynolds, who has always been very vocal about his love for his home country, was recently awarded a Governor General’s Arts Award. To commemorate the occasion, the exceptional actor was also presented with a specially commissioned song.

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October 1, 2021

Hunter Finds Lost GoPro Camera Full of Footage Shot by a Curious Bear

Getting the perfect photo for Instagram or recording your latest TikTok video can be quite challenging. You’ve got to get the best angles, optimal lighting, and just the right composition. But when it comes to catching the action with a GoPro, the conditions might be a little bit different. Still, it seems that capturing the choicest clip is just as hard for bears as it is for us.

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