May 20, 2024

Couple’s Gender Reveal Party Had a One-of-a-Kind Wrestling Match for the Big Reveal

Gender reveals have quickly become one of the main events ahead the birth of a baby for some people. The premise is simple. A prop, most commonly a cake or a confetti popper—though sometimes even a plane or an entire building—unveils its pink or blue contents to give away the gender of a child. Sometimes it’s just for  the parents-to-be; other times the audience includes extended family and friends.

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April 30, 2024

3,000 People in Dinosaur Costumes Gather in Public To Break a World Record

Some world records measure extraordinary feats of strength or perseverance. In fact, we’ve recently seen a 58-year-old woman make history for holding a plank for 4.5 hours straight. Other world records, however, make people wonder why they exist in the first place. One example of this is the “Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Dinosaurs,” which was set in Los Angeles in 2019 with 252 people.

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February 5, 2024

Funny Video Series Imagines What It Would Be Like if Fonts Could Talk to Each Other

You don't need to be a designer to know that different fonts serve different purposes. For example, typefaces with serifs—those little tails at the end of the letters—make it easier to read long texts, while sans serifs (meaning without serifs) offer a clearer design that you can recognize quickly, like subway stop names.  Playing on this idea, Elle Cordova has created some funny videos imagining how typefaces would interact with one another.

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