September 2, 2020

Girl Makes Powerpoint Presentation to Persuade Her Parents to Get a Cat, and Even Microsoft Is on Her Side

Successful persuasion requires outlining your case clearly, so that’s exactly what a young Canadian girl did in a bid to convince her parents to adopt a cat. She made a PowerPoint presentation featuring slides titled, “The pros of getting a cat” and “A cat oh yeah oh yeah.” Her dad, Christopher Doyle, recently took to social media to share his daughter’s presentation. However, perhaps by doing so he’s already lost the battle.

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August 14, 2020

Adorable Toddler Perfectly Recreates His Uncle’s Serious Modeling Photos

Male models can strike some ridiculous poses. Although they're over the top, the six-pack abs encourage us to look past the exaggerated acting. But when a toddler does the same pose? It points out, in both a hilarious and adorable way, just how silly modeling can be. For the past few years, a boy named Augie has been recreating the photoshoots of his uncle, model and influencer Aristotle Polites.

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August 11, 2020

Celebs Are Using Photos of Themselves to Represent Each Month of 2020 in Funny Meme

Let’s face it: 2020 has been a year and we’re not even three-quarters of the way through it. Memes are helping to sum up our collective angst, and few do it better than the one recently introduced by Reese Witherspoon. In a meme that she’s calling the #2020challenge (aka the COVID Calendar), the format comprises nine boxes in which each square is a different month (January–September).

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